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Apr 2018

035 - Interview with Gregory Mitchell

TokuChris (@TokuChris) interviews Gregory Mitchell, formerly of Bandai America's Power Rangers team. There's so much information in this interview that it's nearly 2 hours long.  Some of the topics discussed:


Legacy Shogun Megazord, Legacy Power Rangers figures quality control issues, an abandoned Super Sentai for 2018, the relationship between Bandai America and Bandai Japan, how Toei negatively impacted the development of Power Rangers, the one Legacy item (two actually) that Greg would have loved to have made for Power Rangers, and so much more.



Feb 2018

034 - What the F&%$ Just Happened?!

Join Chris (@TokuChris), Jordan (@DenO_Tokunation) and Tom (@soulinkchu) as they discuss all the news that came out of Toy Fair NY 2018 weekend regarding the Power Rangers brand.


Leading up to Toy Fair New York 2018, a brand new Power Rangers logo was accidentally leaked online, Saban Brands announced an end to the 25 year relationship with Bandai America, and Hasbro moved in officially becoming a the new daddy to the franchise.  But how the F&%$ did it happen and what the F&%$ does it mean?  Chris, Jordan, and Tom break down the news - including a timeline of how it went down - and what we hope and expect to see out of Hasbro's acquisition of the master toy license for Power Rangers.


NOTE - all discussion is simply speculative, as no concrete information is available.

Jan 2018

The LOST Episode of 2014

If you've been a follower of the Talkin Toku Podcast then you may remember the various times that we've mentioned during the show the infamous lost episode with our friend Alex.  What happened is simple - we used Google Hang Outs On Air to record episodes back in the day but the Google Gods were not always kind to us.  While in the middle of recording, we ended up losing someone due to lag/delay.  We decided to call it a day.

At the time I (Chris) was fully aware of the fact that Hangouts on Air recorded itself straight to YouTube.  However, 4 years ago, I would go in and list the YouTube recordings as "Private".  That means anytime I'd check my channel it would not show up in videos.  The other day I decided to check Creator Studio and ... well, this is just the first of many different "unreleased" things that we can throw up between new episodes.

Please remember - this is from January of 2014.  Nothing discussed in this episode is current.  In fact - we actually discuss the first trailer from Ressha Sentai ToQGer.  Enjoy!

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See you next time!

Jan 2018

Talkin Toku Episode 033

It's here!  Our first new episode in two years!  It's been a long time coming but we're finally back.  Give us an episode or two to shake off the rust.  In this episode we discuss:

  • What we've been up to for 2 years
  • Our kids (forgive us, we have toddlers who were infants the last time we did this)
  • Our initial thoughts on Kamen Rider Build, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, and the overall state of Power Rangers
  • The Ace-Toyz Unlicensed 3rd party 1/6 scale Power Rangers figures
  • We answer YOUR questions from our Twitter feed

We are joined by two special guest hosts - Chris's son Darren and Jordan's daughter Mona!  Enjoy their background shennanigans as we attempt to talk toku.

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Jan 2018

We’re back

After a two year hiatus ... we've returned.  Check back soon for BRAND NEW episodes with the original hosts - Chris, Jordan, and Tom - and get ready to talk some toku!  We're keeping the formula completely the same as the original show meaning we have no script, we have no outline ... we're just three friends talking toku and seeing where the conversations lead us!


Thank you for your support over the last couple of years and we look forward to lowering your expectations and standards for all the other podcasts you listen to!